Learn More About Ocean Township Elementary School

 Ocean Township Elementary School is the

pride of the community for over 50 years!

The school is organized into four preschool disabilities classes, two learning disabled classes, (two ½ day and two full day), two Multiple Disabilities classes, four full day kindergartens, four first grades, three second grades, four third grades, and four fourth grades. All classes in grades kindergarten through fourth grades are self-contained and heterogeneously grouped.

Children in kindergarten through fourth grade receive instruction in reading, spelling, writing, mathematics, science and social studies through a sequentially organized curriculum presented via developmentally appropriate lessons.

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Reading and Language Arts (English Language Arts-ELA):

Ocean Township Elementary School utilizes a differentiated approach to Reading in grades K-4 for regular education (non-classified) students.   The McGraw-Hill Education’s Wonder program addresses all five areas of reading and writing. It has abundant curriculum links to science and social studies, and assessment that informs instruction. There are tools and support for differentiating instruction, which include materials for students who are Special Education, Approaching Level, On Level, Beyond Level and for English Language Learners.

The Wonders programs are uniquely designed to move students ahead seamlessly - whether in the core classroom, participating in English language development instruction, or benefiting from intervention support. Wonders, Wonders for English Learners, Maravillas and WonderWorks, all focus on the same Essential Question, vocabulary, skills, and strategies throughout a given week. With Maravillas, students also receive equitable instruction and rich authentic content in Spanish. 

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Basic Skills (Academic Success Program classes utilize a tiered intervention approach to reinforce and supplement Wonders Reading decoding and comprehension instruction in grades K-4. Teachers supplement the Wonders Reading using an Orton Gillingham multisensory approach.  Special Education classes for Resource Center and Self-Contained Learning and

Language Disabilities classes utilize additional reading materials such Wonderworks and if warranted, direct decoding and fluency instruction in Fundations, a Wilson Language Training program, which is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach.  The program is a structured remedial program that teachings writing and reading to students who have not had success with other programs.  Orton-Gillingham approaches have proven reading and spelling gains and are designed to help individuals with gaps in their decoding and encoding skills and those with a language-based learning disability become fluent, accurate readers.

For more information on the Orton Gillingham Reading Program click here.   For additional information on Orton-Gillingham and Wilson Reading Systems, click here.

Math :

Ocean Township Elementary School utilizes enVisionmath2.0It is a comprehensive math curriculum supporting millions of students. The program offers the flexibility of print, digital, or blended instruction at all grade levels. enVisionmath2.0 helps students develop deep conceptual understanding through problem-based instruction, visual learning, small group work, and personalization. Independent research validates the program’s effectiveness raising student achievement. 


The science curriculum includes the ideas, perspectives and contributions of woman and men of diverse racial, cultural and ethnic groups.

Science education stresses the process and spirit of scientific inquiry.   As a result, the methods of learning science reflect the methods of doing science.   Such an approach allows students at all grade levels to become active participants in the exciting process of scientific investigation.

The science curriculum for the Township of Ocean Schools supports the implementation of the Common Core Curriculum Standards.


Social Studies:

Today’s global society places many demands upon its members.   The digital age has transformed education so that 21 st century learners have tremendously powerful tools at their access--tools with which they can travel back through time to prehistoric eras as well as access information about the present and far-reaching future.   In order to increase understanding of our global society and its responsibilities, New Jersey students are using these tools to expand their learning networks through online collaboration with specialized experts and even other educators and students from around the world.   Simultaneously, our students are expected to develop an understanding of the fundamental principles and values of our democracy and citizenship.   When the two combine, the resultant product is a body of knowledgeable citizens who are capable of making informed decisions about issues and challenges that we face at the local, state, national, and international levels.  

The goals of K-5 Social Studies as a content area are:

~to teach students about their connectivity to their families, neighbors, community, country, and the world.   

~to provide students with a foundational understanding of   American democracy and citizenship through active participation in local and global communities. 

~to expose students to the existence of varying perspectives that are inherent in a multi-cultural and diverse society. 

~to guide students in a direction that will allow them to appreciate differences in people, cultures, traditions, and lifestyles.   

~to teach students to live cooperatively in a shrinking world and to collaborate to resolve conflicts in peaceful, non-violent ways.  
~to expose students to geography skills that will enable them to better understand that geography greatly influences and impacts history.   

~to develop an understanding of the past so that its connection to and influence over the present and future is apparent. 

~to foster an understanding of the interconnectivity between economics, civics, geography, and history. 

~to develop an appreciation and working knowledge of currently existing technological tools and how they are to be used safely, legally, and ethically to access and gain information. 

~to obtain the knowledge of how to locate legitimate and reliable sources of information.    

~to become critical thinkers that are able to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information. 

~to encourage and foster an appreciation for creative and innovative approaches to dealing with life.        

~to understand the foundations of economics and how the American economy relates to that of the world. 

The Township of Ocean School District strives to provide its students with the knowledge and skills to attain these goals so that they may become productive citizens, not only of the United States but of the global society of which they are a part.     

Social Studies instruction is infused into the daily curriculum so that skills in dealing with everyday issues are continually being developed.   Similarly, the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts Literacy are infused within Social Studies instruction, emphasizing the need to have students

·   read for literacy within the Social Studies content area.

·   read for information within the Social Studies content area.

·   write, using vocabulary specific to the content area.

·   develop proficient use of listening and speaking skills within the Social Studies learning environment.  

·  apply the terminology and jargon of the content area appropriately when speaking or writing about Social Studies topics.

As we moved into the 21 st century, the acquisition of isolated facts has all but disappeared from the education arena.   Rather, students are more actively engaged in authentic learning experiences, project-based learning, and activities which emphasize the interconnectedness of concepts.   Benchmarks and performance assessments are used formatively so that student progress can be accurately monitored and diagnosed for prescriptive instruction.      

It is my hope as the Supervisor of Social Studies, K-5, that all of our students enjoy our Social Studies curricula and programs as they grow in the knowledge of how to resolve the challenges we face in contemporary society.   Thank you for your support!  


Special Areas:

Students in Grades K through 4 attend 40-minute weekly classes taught by comprehensively certified master teachers in the following disciplines:   Physical Education, Art and Music.  Students in Grades K-4 attend weekly classes taught by comprehensively certified master teachers in the following disciplines: Library Science and Physical Education. Physical Education classes meet twice weekly.

In addition to the scheduled special area classes, classroom teachers are also district-trained to facilitate instructional technology through student devices.  Every student in grades 2-12 have Google Chromebooks for use with the digital learning platforms in Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Students in K and 1 have access to a Google Chromebook cart with 1 cart shared between 2 classes.