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Pay Information

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Pension Deductions


Teacher Pension Annuity Fund (TPAF)


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Defined Contribution Retirement Program (DCRP)


      • The Pension booklet also provides other important information. Please note the non-contributory and contributory group life insurance plans. For further information you may use the Division of Pensions and Benefits site for "Member Benefits Online System MBOS" at Log on and follow directions to register.  Here you can obtain important information about your account with the Division as well as obtain loans and purchase of service credit.
      • Direct Deposit is available to all contract employees
      • All employees are eligible to participate in an optional 403B and/or 457 Tax Sheltered Annuity Programs. These plans allow employees to save funds pre-tax for retirement via payroll deductions. See attached list of vendors on the Summary of your Employee Benefits sheet.
      • Employees may optionally participate in the 529 College Savings Plan Program. This plan allows employees to save after-tax funds for College via payroll deduction.
      • Summer Pay is available to all 10-month employees by submitting an enrollment form before June 30th. Participants will have 10% of their gross earnings deducted during each regular 10-month pay period, held in a non-interest bearing account, then paid out in four equal amounts on or about July 15th, July 30th, August 15th & August 30th.
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      • Questions please contact Phyllis Goldstein - Payroll Manager x3112 or