Wanamassa Elementary
 Image of Victor Milano, Principal
 Victor Milano
 Grades: Pre-K to 4  
School Hours: 8:45 AM - 3:15 PM
 901 Bendermere Avenue  Ocean, NJ 07712
  Main Number 732-531-5700 
  Main Office  Extension 4000
  Nurse's Office  Extension 4010
 Vic Milano
 Extension 4001
  Anti-bullying District
Kelly Weldon
163 Monmouth Road, 
Oakhurst, NJ 07755
732-531-5600, Ext. 3200
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Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Wanamassa School!  We are proud to be a part of the Township of Ocean’s community of educators.  Our children deserve the very best education that we can give them. To that end, I invite you to embrace your children’s work throughout the school year, as they learn to investigate and solve problems.  Your role is critical in the education process.

Parents often ask, "What can I do to help my child grow as a student at home?” Your role is as important as ours in helping your children learn and derive personal fulfillment and enjoyment from their education.  Talk with your children each day about their work, plans, successes, and concerns.  Your involvement is a critical component that will help to ensure success.  A child whose parent models a spirit of interest, excitement, and importance toward school is likely to bring those attitudes and values to the classroom.  Children at any age become motivated and stay interested if their parents are interested in what they are doing and are supportive of the school's efforts; so please demonstrate a positive attitude toward school.  You are your child's most important role model and positive comments toward education are those from which your child will benefit the most. 

Research and data have assisted educators in making necessary changes that will be beneficial for everyone.  Data analysis application is currently used to locate areas of strength and weakness in teaching, learning, and assessment.  Using data and research is becoming more important in our quest to best educate our students.  Our district fully endorses these practices.  Would you visit a doctor who uses only medicine and materials from the 70s & 80s when so much more is available today?  Similarly, the field of education has expanded and broadened so much so within the last decade or two so that now, we can utilize strong, hard data to help drive instruction.    

As the Principal, I will make sure that the educational programs we provide are reinforcing the values of society, educating our children, and anticipating the needs of the future. Our educational environment serves to nurture and motivate each and every child.  It promotes knowledge as a value to be desired rather than an experience to be endured.  Please join us in our quest to educate our children.  Please continue to support your child, teacher, school district, and community as we work together to make learning relevant, effective, and fun.

We have a fantastic curriculum rich with constant learning opportunities.  We will continue to design and implement professional development activities in reading, language arts, physical education, mathematics, science, social studies, performing arts, foreign language, and technology to meet our students' needs.  Join us as we work together to make our school the best it can be!

Victor R. Milano

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